InfiniGru researches to find all the anomalies in the world in the most unique, special, and accurate way possible

InfiniGru researches to find...

Areas of anomaly detection include financial frauds such as voice phishing, diagnosis of diseases in human bodies, prescription errors in hospitals, market stock manipulation, enterprise management system and various other security solutions. InfiniGru wants to find these anomalies in the most unique and special way possible and challenges to change the existing rule-based anomaly detection method to artificial intelligence based detection.

exclamation markThese are the problems in the current market

  1. rule-based problems

    1. Problem of rule-based anomaly detection

    The current Rule-based detection method is based upon the hypotheses designed by people and can easily be sidestepped through new methods of intrusion.

  2. rule-based problems

    2. Limitation of artificial intelligence model development

    Anomaly detection based on artificial intelligence requires consistent model development and immediate deployment of new models to prepare for the ever-changing nature of anomalies.

  3. rule-based problems

    3. Limitation of efficiency

    The Anomaly Detection System needs to be available as an add-on or a cloud service for quick and efficient deployment.

InfiniGru's Solutions

We develop and provide GruADS Suite, a hybrid technique (Rule+ AI) based solution to detect various anomalies such as financial fraud, money laundering, enterprise management, and yield management in manufacturing and GruSLS, a self-learning service platform.

GruADS Suite

The most ideal method of anomaly detection using a hybrid technique applying both rules and artificial intelligence.

GruSLS Platform

Self-learning service platform enabling clients to periodically and immediately develop models for instant deployment.


PhishingEyes is an mobile App which protects the user from voice phishing frauds by communicating with the user's primary banks